3 Simple Ways to Get Noticed Locally by Google

3 Simple Ways to Get Noticed Locally by Google

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May 31 2018
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Topping the Google search rankings in your hometown is essential for your business. Recently, Google has made some changes to the local search engine optimization (SEO) game that do not follow traditional SEO rules.

Traditionally, having a strong SEO presence relied heavily on keywords, meta descriptions, tags, interlinking content, along with many other factors. Now, more and more information resides on Google’s servers instead of on the web itself. Google “curates” the vast majority of content users see, so webmasters must rely on Google’s platform and less on their independently owned website.

Here are three simple ways that you can get noticed by Google today!

1. Optimize your Knowledge Graph

The Google Knowledge Graph is Google’s way of connecting information. Google’s business is providing people with the correct answers to their questions, and the Knowledge Graph is one of their primary tools.

You can optimize your business in the Knowledge Graph by adding information to Google My Business (GMB), which now allows businesses to add more content than photos and basic information.

Here are a few of the features:

Google Posts – Similar to a Facebook post, you can share dynamic content that is separate from business information, such as address or phone number. Examples might include events or seasonal content.

Google Q&A – Users can ask questions about your business and you or another user can answer. This is a public form of communication where everyone can see the questions and answers on your listing.

Google Messaging – Opposite of Q&A, these are direct and private messages that do not appear on your public listing.

2. Manage your Google My Business

In the past GMB did not require much maintenance, but now these new features force you to regularly check in and manage your listing if you would like to see a positive impact.

For example, the Google Q&A feature has evolved into an open, public message board. Instead of asking questions, some are leaving reviews, going on rants, or posting spam. Yet even legitimate questions left unanswered can reflect poorly on your business.

3. Actively Manage AdWords

Google AdWords is one of, or the most, powerful tool for search engine marketing (SEM). Locally, AdWords ads are growing to take the lion’s share of local search engine results pages (SERP) results. Actively maintaining an AdWords campaign, or several, is to key to avoid losing out on that coveted spot at the top of the first page. 


If you’d like to find more ways to get noticed locally by Google, read the full article over at Search Engine Land.


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