A life without our favourite family restaurants and boutique businesses is one I, (and most of you) would prefer not to face. - Marty Fisher, CEO

Sherpa Marketing and its partners want to help.

We can't save lives, but we might be able to help save a small business and someone’s livelihood.

Sherpa is pleased to announce the selected businesses that will receive $25,000 in marketing services are neon cone in winnipeg, mb., and heart and soul beauty bar in waterloo, on. congratulations to both businesses and thank you to those who applied!

Small businesses are the collateral damage of the COVID-19 economic landscape. Sherpa is excited to announce that a number of talented and generous marketing services companies have joined our effort and are also eager to contribute free resources to help many of those small businesses. Our growing list of agency partner offers is located here.

Through the generous contribution of these partners, we can help even more businesses in Winnipeg and Kitchener-Waterloo by matching small businesses with marketing companies offering the tools they really need.

With this exciting development, we will continue to accept applications for marketing services support through the month of June 2020.

If you are a Winnipeg or Kitchener-Waterloo business and have been forced to close or have seen your revenue decrease as a result of COVID19, please fill out the application form below for your opportunity to be partnered with one of the amazing agency partners committed to this program.

There’s a great chance that we will be able to pair you with an experienced marketer that can assist you!

* Financial and other rules and conditions apply. Click here to view.
If you want to find out more about other marketing firms or agencies that are participating – or if you want to participate with your own business – click here.

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Rules & Conditions for the Sherpa Marketing "Free Marketing Services" Application

1. No purchase necessary from Sherpa Marketing Inc. (hereinafter "Sherpa") or any of its subsidiaries or related entities.
2. Employees, vendors, contractors, creditors and shareholders, or entities related thereto, of Sherpa and its subsidiaries are ineligible and will not be considered.
3. Eligibility and applicant selection is at the sole and exclusive discretion of Sherpa.
4. All information submitted to Sherpa is provided voluntarily. An applicant consents to Sherpa collecting all information submitted to it.
5. An applicant may ask Sherpa to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Sherpa shall execute a non-disclosure agreement satisfactory in form and content to it as its sole discretion.
6. An applicant must provide either its income statement for the fiscal year 2019 or its income statements for March and April 2020 to determine eligibility. Sherpa accepts no responsibility for the security of electronic submission of financial/income statements.
7. Marketing services are limited to professional consulting, creative services and design, copywriting and digital programming services. Marketing services exclude all other services and costs, including, but not limited to, advertising charges and fees, digital and web registration and hosting charges and fees, legal fees and charges. Marketing services will be available only in 2020 and will not be carried over to 2021 or beyond.
8. Applications will be accepted between April 10, 2020 and May 8, 2020. An applicant shall submit an application only via the Sherpa website.
9. One entity will be selected from applicants whose primary operations are within the Winnipeg Metropolitan Area. One entity will be selected from applicants whose primary operations are within the Kitchener-Waterloo Metropolitan Area. Entities from outside the Winnipeg Metropolitan Area and outside the Kitchener-Waterloo Metropolitan Area are ineligible and will not be considered. Entities and applications from outside these two specific areas are ineligible.
10. The selected applicants will be expected to answer a skill-testing question, specifically: 22 x 10 = ___.
11. An applicant can only submit one application. Sherpa reserves the right to ask for identification to verify applications.
12. Sherpa may use the applicant’s name and likeness in promotional materials including the Sherpa website, social media platforms, and television, radio and print media. The applicant grants Sherpa an unconditional licence to do so.
13. The Sherpa “Free Marketing Services” Application process is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or administered by, or in association with, any social media platform or other media. Any questions or comments should be directed to Sherpa.
14. If, for any reason, the Application process is not capable of proceeding as planned, Sherpa reserves the right at its sole discretion to cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend the process. Except as expressly warranted herein, the Marketing services are provided to the successful applicants without further warranty of any kind. IN NO EVENT SHALL SHERPA BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, SPECIAL, OR INDIRECT DAMAGES.

Thank you!

Your application has been successfully submitted. The two winners will be chosen on May 8 and displayed at www.sherpamarketing.ca/adopt-a-business.

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