Sherpa Marketing

Adopt a Business Challenge

Thank you for your application!

We are excited to announce the selected applicants for the Sherpa Marketing Adopt a Business program are:

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Waterloo, Ontario

Each business will receive $25,000 in marketing services from Sherpa Marketing. Congratulations to our selected applicants!

Sherpa Marketing is busy supporting local businesses in recovery.

Small businesses are the collateral damage of the COVID-19 economic landscape. Sherpa Marketing is actively working to help small enterprises by providing no charge marketing services to our chosen applicants. We’re humbled by the generous support of our marketing partners, and we have connected deserving small businesses with free marketing services LOCATED HERE.

As of June 30, 2020, we have closed the application portal. The opportunity to hear the stories and share the experiences of many deserving small businesses in our community has inspired us to continue to be actively engaged in the economic renewal process. 

Follow the journey of our adopted businesses as they find marketing success!

Sherpa is excited to share the journeys of our selected applicants, Neon Cone (Winnipeg, MB) and Heart and Soul Beauty Bar (Waterloo, ON), as we work them to achieve their goals. We will be posting updates at this link and sharing their stories of success.
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