Advice for Young Professionals

We had a chance to chat with our founder and president, Marty, about advice he would give himself 21 years ago. For those of you just finishing up in school or just starting out in your career, his words of wisdom might be very helpful for you!



If I could turn back the clock and start everything over, I would tell myself to listen to my inner voice. Be introspective. Look at your role in your successes and failures. Be aware of what you're doing that's contributing to your success or failures.


The other thing is when you're young and you have a really big success or a really big failure, you have to understand that that big failure might not be that big of a failure or success. So the thing I would tell myself would be your going to have a lot more things go well, and a lot more things go poorly.


So just have some perspective. So maybe both of those things, introspection and perspective only come with age. But those would be the two things I wish I knew starting out.


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