Alcohol & Analytics II - Winnipeg Event Rundown

Alcohol & Analytics II - Winnipeg Event Rundown

Big Ideas

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October 31 2017
Big Ideas

How do you like to get your marketing news? In an email, or maybe in your social media feeds? At Sherpa, we serve it neat. Alcohol & Analytics, our free marketing & analytics event, is a dynamite combination of interactive marketing seminars with unbeatable hospitality.


Our most recent event on September 28th was one to raise a glass to. Nearly 100 people came out to hear about cutting-edge marketing trends from Sherpa experts. In three 20-minute seminars, presenters got guests acquainted with some of the biggest trends happening in marketing right now: predictive marketing, Snapchat, and virtual/augmented reality.


Sherpa Marketing Event Winnipeg - Opening


The night opened with a catered cocktail hour before Michael McCaffrey, our Calgary-based account manager and B2B expert, got the ball rolling with an espionage-themed talk on predictive marketing and how to reverse engineer how much to spend on marketing and  how to measure the conversions that move prospects through the sales funnel.

Mike Brown, our Winnipeg-based pop culture and social media savant, dipped into the unexpected marketing opportunities for those who are willing to chart a new course on Snapchat.

Marty Fisher, Sherpa’s president/owner/multi-disciplinary whiz, capped off the presentations with a thrilling look at how brands are harnessing the power of AR/VR to create new experiences for their customers.



By the evening’s end, the room was abuzz—thanks in part to the open bar.  Along with the night’s talking points, guests could take home a complimentary, Sherpa branded, Google Cardboard VR box to try with their smartphones.

As Sherpas and guests mingled over savoury mushroom tarts and maple-glazed salmon skewers, we heard more than a few whispers along the lines of “so—when are you guys doing this again?”


Sherpa Marketing Event Winnipeg - Virtual Reality


Well, are you curious?

Would you want to attend the next Alcohol & Analytics event?

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Sherpa Marketing Event Winnipeg - Drinks



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