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App Development

Smartphones are ubiquitous.

Think to yourself, do you know anyone under the age of 50 that doesn’t have one? A smartphone is an indispensable tool. It’s a productivity tool, a media consumption device, a content generator and a way to entertain yourself.

Apps are a gateway to further your relationship with clients and prospects. There is so much functionality built in to a smartphone that app developers like Sherpa are limited only by imagination, time and budget.

Sherpa works with you to unlock the potential of a smartphone and build highly functional invaluable apps. Our focus is to deliver essential tools that become a part of an end-user’s killer apps.

Award winning cross-platform tablet and smartphone apps are a big part of what Sherpa does. Our apps are beautifully designed, easy to use and highly functional. These three qualities have resulted in many thousands of downloads within targeted industry verticals.
Some clients we've helped with App Development