Big Baller Brand, Remarketing & Brand Testimonials - Sherpas Talking Shop E.11

Big Baller Brand, Remarketing & Brand Testimonials - Sherpas Talking Shop E.11

Big Ideas

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May 29 2017
Big Ideas
Author: Stewart Moffatt

Episode 11: Big Baller Brand, Remarketing & Brand Testimonials

Stew & Mike B discuss Big Baller Brand's use of "Trump" style marketing, the ads that follow you around online and the importance of testimonials.


1) Big Baller Brand & The Use of "Trumpish" Style Marketing

Stew & Mike. B love that athletes are forgoing partnerships with big brands (NIKE, Adidas etc.) and using their influence to push personal brands (i.e Big Baller Brand). That said, they're not fans of Levar Ball's rhetoric which consists of saying outlandish statements to gain attention for the brand. 

The pricing strategy behind the ZO2s ($495 USD ) and ZO2 Signature Slides ($220 USD) is aligned with this approach - get everyone (including influential people) talking about the ridiculous price point to create brand awareness. 


The same style of rhetoric was used by Trump during his campaign race: 


2) The Ads That Follow You Around Online 

Mike B digs remarketing as a digital marketing tactic to keep brands top of mind among their audience. A few types of remarketing mentioned on the podcast are as follows: 

Website Integration: The most common form of remarketing is to retrieve user data through a website integration and provide users with a custom ad.

Email Lists and CRM Integration: Remarketing software allows you to upload custom “Segments” to specifically target a group of individuals. Emails are generally attached to one specific user and are used as the login for various websites, if the email that’s on your segment list is also used to login into apps, custom ads will be served to that user on those platforms. 

Application Integration: Users receive a custom promotion ​within the app based on their user behavior.

Geofencing: Using GPS or RFID parameters to trigger a marketing message. 

Here's a sample remarketing GIF sherpa used in the past: 


Stay tuned for Mike. B's in-depth blog post on remarketing which will be released by Sherpa Marketing in the near future!  

3) The Importance of Testimonials

Testimonials are an economical way of pushing positive brand word of mouth. A few tips when creating testimonials: 

- Develop a strategy for intentionally acquiring testimonials

- Short-videos are great for digital marketing platforms

- Keep them authentic and always include a name

The Best Ad of the Week:


The Worst Ad of the Week: 


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