Brand Construction, Renovations and Progressions

With complex branding challenges, there is no silver bullet.

A great branding solution involves deep research into stakeholder sentiments and aspirations, and a well-structured process a plan that can and will be ready to be adapted or shifted as new information is uncovered. This is all before the designers open their InDesign software.

Whether we are consulting in the marketing implications of a brand merger/acquisition, helping craft a Private Label line to make a splash in a competitive market, or revamping the brand story and visual identity for multi-national businesses, Sherpa tackles these in the same way.

  1. Understanding what you’re (internal) saying about who you are and what you do best
  2. Understanding what they (external) are saying about who you are and what you do best
  3. Crafting what you want your stakeholders to say (i.e. employees, clients, and stockholders)
  4. Leverage real and aspirational sentiments to create functional visual and non-visual brand elements
  5. Outline short-term /long-term roll-out and an asset adoption matrix outlining rules/guidelines
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Our Team

Deanna Westbrook Deanna Westbrook
Deanna Westbrook
Senior Account Manager
Elizabeth McDonald Elizabeth McDonald
Elizabeth McDonald
Maternity Leave
Jenny Tran Jenny Tran
Jenny Tran
Account Coordinator
Myles Barr Myles Barr
Myles Barr
Director of Digital Marketing
Mike Brown Mike Brown
Mike Brown
Digital Marketing Strategist
Marty Fisher Marty Fisher
Marty Fisher

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