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When most people hear the word brand, they think of a logo. Whether it’s the NIKE swoosh or the Audi Circles, it’s easy for people to conjure up the right logo in their minds eye when they think of a consumer brand. The best logos evoke an emotional response, people can tell you how they feel about the brand.

When someone is able to associate a logo to a brand, something very special has happened. It’s the special part that’s hard to do - and the thing that Sherpa focuses on. We believe what Peter Drucker said, “Brand is everything”.

Brand is about experiences – it’s the sum of ALL the experiences that everyone has with your company. From your shop floor to your vendors and to your customers, brand is a reflection of your culture and a venture that should be intentional rather than accidental.

Sherpa has a unique, well-honed approach to understanding and developing brands. Whether you are a start-up or a 100 year old company, we look at your organization’s aspirations and make sure that we are building toward those goals visually and culturally.
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