Cannabis Marketing

It’s best to strike when the iron is hot, which is why the time for Cannabis companies to trail-blaze is now. The ever-changing dynamics of the industry and the recent rollout of Cannabis 2.0 (beverages and edibles) can be tricky to navigate, but a solid strategy and execution can lead to a blue ocean dynamic in this new marketplace.

Since Canada’s legalization of cannabis on October 17, 2018, Sherpa has helped businesses within the cannabis industry make sense of the restrictions on cannabis promotion. The Cannabis Act applies to any company that produce, sell or distribute cannabis, cannabis accessories, or services. While traditional and online tactics are commonly used, the content, tone and messaging within must align with The Cannabis Act’s various prohibited and permitted rules.

Sherpa’s experience in the Cannabis sector and 25 years of experience navigating other strictly regulated markets (Financial Services, Healthcare, Legal) allows us to drive value for companies that are constrained by stringent and unique regulations. We understand the challenges and hurdles faced by the industry and will help you navigate the nuances of marketing cannabis flower and edibles in Canada.

When it comes to strategy and execution, we look to help marketing teams solve some of the more intricate challenges within the industry, for example:
  • How can we effectively compete against the black market?
  • What opportunities are there for cannabis 2.0? Where are there red and blue oceans?
  • How can we connect with the target audience more effectively without breaking the rules?
In short, Sherpa has gained knowledge on how to help brands rise above the noise, by using cutting-edge and integrated marketing solutions that build customer loyalty and give you a sustained competitive advantage.

What We Do

Cannabis Website Development

Cannabis websites are subject to some unique requirements and Sherpa has built online properties to help check the boxes. A common requirement for B2C cannabis companies is e-commerce functionality and Sherpa has project plans for both Custodian 7 Content Management System (CMS) or Shopify CMS that pass regulations.

For non-ecommerce websites, Sherpa’s considers it’s experienced design and development team to be platform agnostic…sort of… While we don’t want to be the jack of all trades and master of none, Sherpa has built simple and highly customized websites in our proprietary Custodian 7 CMS or common open-source CMS options including WordPress, Durpal and Shopify.

Branding & Marketing Strategy

Market research shows that Cannabis demographics and psychographics are unique compared to any other industry due to the fact the product is transitioning from prohibition. There are also challenges in this new market such as the stigma surrounding cannabis, and capturing market share from the cannabis black market. The right branding and marketing strategy can help connect with these audiences and build a loyal following in a fast-moving industry.

Social and Paid Digital Ads

Promotion with cannabis messaging is something that requires attention to detail. Messaging and targeting should maximize exposure while following regulations to ensure underage audiences aren’t reached (something that carries hefty fines). Sherpa knows the right digital spaces where Cannabis companies are commonly discovered and allowed to advertise. There’s more to digital ads than Facebook, Google and Instagram. We help you market to the right people, using the right platforms, while playing by the rules.

Augmented Reality in the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis companies can leverage Augmented Reality to deliver captivating and immersive experiences to current and prospective customers. AR marketing capabilities can be utilized by cannabis stores, dispensaries and cultivation and extraction facilities to educate customers and improve their shopping experience. Sherpa-AR, a subsidiary of Sherpa Marketing, is one of the few Canadian companies with the proven capability to develop captivating augmented reality apps for Web Browsers, iOS and Android platforms today. Leverage our top-notch augmented reality services to add value to the your customer's buying experience and stand out in the industry. Visit our Augmented Reality site to imagine more possibilities.

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