Changing the Game - Thoughts from the MarTech Conference - Day 2

Changing the Game - Thoughts from the MarTech Conference - Day 2

I had the opportunity to attend and experience MarTech, a Marketing Technology conference in San Francisco that brought some of the world's leading brands and marketing minds together for a two-day conference. You can read about the first day takeaways here: /blogs/2015/4/5/changing-the-game-thoughts-from-the-martech-conference-day-1 

Day 2 seemed to be much more relevant from a marketing agency’s perspective – unlike day 1, a lot of the speakers brought forward ideas that would benefit organizations and marketing companies of all sizes. There were a few common messages that many of the speakers shared in their keynotes.

1. Test

2. Tell Stories

3. Think Through Journeys


Chris Goward, CEO of WiderFunnel gave a speech where he repeatedly emphasized: “you should test that”. I could (and may one day) write a whole blog post going into a much deeper dive on Chris’ keynote, but his message essentially boiled down to this:

Don’t trust “best practices”, “instinct” or “expertise”. Trust results.

Necessity of A/B (/C/D/E) testing is a function of two variables (amount of traffic * importance of conversions). When you have both, it is critically important to set up an environment that facilitates easy/fast testing of design alternatives. He gave the example of an extremely successful website ( that constantly and fluidly tests design/user experience changes to their site.

Small changes as simple as the text on or around a button can greatly impact customer conversion rate… but the only way to truly know what changes are good and what changes are bad is… you guessed it… TESTING!

Online retail giant has operated one of the most profitable websites on the Internet and yet they have never had a “re-skinning” or major overhaul of their site… rather they take tiny steps to improve conversions based on actual data from actual customers.

What are some things you can test on your website/app to get more people doing what you want them to do?

Tell stories

In my opinion, the most engaging speaker of the entire conference, John du Pre Gauntt, spoke about Storytelling and IoT (Internet of Things). IoT allows products to sense, take action, and learn from experience… giving a whole new way in which brands can interact with their customer – through the product itself.

John explained that people tend to want to wrap narrative around things that are important to them. It is, therefore, incredibly important for us, as marketers to make sure there is a story attached when launching new products or tools.

What’s the story of your brand? Do your customers know?

Think through customer journeys

Corey Craig, Customer Experience Designing and Innovation Lead of Dell stated the importance of experience designing. Jeff Cram (ISITE) reiterated this point later in the day. Both spoke about how important it is to think through the customer’s journey/customer’s experience with your brand.

Who are the customer groups that matter?

What are the touch points?

How are they likely to move through the sales funnel?

What kinds of automated activities can you set up throughout the process to ensure they are seeing the right things at the right time?

Think about the emotional side of what the customer’s experience is at each step and what kind of content and language you can use to feed into that emotion.

Have you mapped out your online sales funnel? Have you thought through nurturing campaigns to automate any of the steps?

Overall, MarTech was a great way to reboot my passion for marketing and technology and it was an opportunity to get out of the weeds for a few days to give some perspective to everything that Sherpa does. 


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