Here's the link to your Process Documentation Index!

‚ÄčCLICK HERE to get the Google Sheet 

The Index is a template that you can use to keep track of all your Systems, References and Templates. We've left a few examples in there for some titles to get you started.

  • System - any process your team implements on a regular basis (how to fill out expense reports, onboarding new team members, running events, etc.)
  • Reference - many times in a System doc, you'll need to reference something (this could be a list of your approved vendors, a calculator tool you use, a list of links to software subscriptions you have purchased, social media voice, etc.)
  • Template - keep and maintain your templates (welcome email to new clients, expense report template, event feedback forms, etc.)

This is a view-only file but you can click File --> Make a Copy to save your own version.

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