Coordinated Strategy

Sherpa’s breadth of in-house expertise and experience allows us to identify opportunities and challenges before they happen. We leverage these insights to craft a full stack strategy that takes your company to the next level.

When you choose to work with Sherpa, you’re getting far more than a couple of ad campaigns... We build multi-faceted, cohesive marketing machines that support your other organizational functions and drive lasting growth for your company.

Sherpa’s data-backed market entry utilizes historic data, predictive modelling and modern audience building tools and targeting to find your customers on the best marketing channels out there. We understand that you’re the expert when it comes to your business – Sherpa aims to download as much knowledge as we possibly can from your stakeholders to inform our strategy, design aesthetic and communications.

Our team of Strategists, Digital Marketers, Creatives, Software Developers and Account Managers ensure a coordinated approach that is squarely centered around first, holistically understanding your business before developing the messaging and creative assets that will convert your target audience in their moments of intent.

Coordinated Strategy Chart

Our Team

Leanna Turchet Leanna Turchet
Leanna Turchet
Junior Account Manager
Sharon Knutson Sharon Knutson
Sharon Knutson
Chief Operating Officer
Alina Oliinyk Alina Oliinyk
Alina Oliinyk
Digital Marketing Coordinator
Mike Brown Mike Brown
Mike Brown
Digital Marketing Strategist
Elizabeth McDonald Elizabeth McDonald
Elizabeth McDonald
Maternity Leave
Michael McCaffrey Michael McCaffrey
Michael McCaffrey
Digital Marketing Consultant

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