Creating A Leave-Behind That Drives Action

Creating A Leave-Behind That Drives Action

Big Ideas

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January 4 2016
Big Ideas
Author: Stewart Moffatt

1. Start With "Why"


Your organization must communicate the core belief/cause of the organization immediately. The success of your capital campaign hinges on attracting people who support your organizations fundamental belief. Only when belief is established, are you able to communicate how your organization is supporting that belief and what the capital campaign offers the organization/cause.

Statement examples:

Our organization believes that every child should be given the opportunity to play sports regardless of economic barriers. We aim to remove economic barriers so all children can participate in sport. Through the efforts of advocates like you, we will ensure all children can play!

Your donation to our organization will provide children more access to sport. Our organization provides funding to remove economic barriers so children can play sports. Donate today! 

2. Images Speak Louder Than Words


Emotion is the number one driver of action. It’s imperative that your leave-behind creates an emotional connection and pulls at the heart-strings of your audience. Images and video are a better driver of action than words.  Invest in great creative and make sure it’s compelling. Don’t allow your leave-behind to get bogged down by too much content. Ensure your copy is concise, to the point and powerful!  

3. Include Impact Statements

Your leave-behind must demonstrate the impact of specific donation dollar amounts. In other words, you must answer the question “If I give this much, what is accomplished?” This will help the donor understand the tangible impact they are making and alleviate any concerns that their donation money could be wasted.  

4. Motivate Your Audience To Be Advocates As Opposed To Donors

The most valuable type of donor is an “advocate”. An advocate goes far beyond simply cutting a one-time donation cheque. These are individuals who feel like they are a part of your cause and become heavily involved in your organization’s mission. These individuals wear your brand on their sleeve and preach to their network about the great work your organization does. 

Ensure you keep these individuals engaged throughout the capital campaign. Identify how else they can get involved aside from just donating. 

5. Give Back To The Donor

By offering donors a gift/product in return for their donation, you are able to tap into the 99% of consumer spending that is directed to consumer goods and services as opposed to focusing on the 1% spent on philanthropy. Offer donors something they can be proud of. The product/gift should build buzz and get the donor talking to their network. 

Example: Save the Wino 

These “wino bags” raise awareness against the ivory trade by supporting rhino conservation with Ol Pejeta Conservancy. All proceeds from this product funnel back into this organization’s cause.

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