Data Analysis

The explosion of stored information is a result of increasingly affordable storage - whether it’s in the cloud or on your own network. There are dozens of ways to store data and access that same data. It’s the ability to provide timely analysis, thoughtful insight and delivering the ultimate (and best) recommendation that can be elusive.

Data analytics has a very human component. The hardware and software is powerless without someone to concoct the right queries and interpret the data. Distilling volumes of records and delivering a finely crafted report with actionable intelligence is a rare skill and one that Sherpa holds.

Sherpa has years of experience working with multiple and disparate databases, writing the best queries and overlaying the data to make sense of what few can. Sherpa’s investment in tools like Tableau and MS SQL Server is only part of the answer. In the end, it’s our people that augment your planning and decision making.