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Take your marketing team to another level by following these 10 rules and start generating consistent increases in your business every month.

You'll also start reporting on the things that matter and pivot or scale accordingly, dominate a niche, create a referral funnel, create a content marketing engine, gain back time with automation, plan your ideal week and more.


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To get the most out of these courses, we’ve developed a workbook to follow along with and to jot down any notes or “Ah ha’s” as you go through the videos. 

We’ve taken all the guesswork out of it and broken down all the steps, left you space to take notes and have given you action items so that you can make progress on your goals. 

CMO Rule #1: 
Wow Your Customers – The Remix Strategy

Learn how to wow your customers with our Remix strategy and have them become repeat customers and your biggest advocates.

CMO Rule #2: 
Measure Everything

Define what your win and lose conditions are for every campaign, design a funnel, measure it and review your results.

CMO Rule #3: 
Build a Marketing Engine

Design and build a Marketing Lead Engine that you can systemize and scale. 

CMO Rule #4: 
Use Automation

Automation can help you save time and money. An easy place to start is with your emails, measurement tools, chatbots, your calendar and system integrations. Receive our list of Automation tools for 2021. 

CMO Rule #5: 
Invest in Powerful Positioning

Nail down your brand positioning statement and get the whole organization on board so that the client has a consistent experience at ever stage of they buyer's journey. 

CMO Rule #6: 
Dominate a Niche

Learn how to pinpoint a niche, dominate it and move to another niche. Our Niche dominator workbook will help you plot your way to success.

CMO Rule #7: 
Build a Solid Referral Funnel

Referrals are one of the best sources of new leads for your business. Stop leaving money on the table and build a solid referral funnel with the help of our workbook. 

CMO Rule #8: 
Build and Activate a World-Class Team

What talents should you look for in a person and then how do you help that employee grow and be an contributing part of the business? We believe that Smart People + Process = Freedom.

You also get access to our Process Documentation Index template.

CMO Rule #9: 
Give Clear Marketing Briefs

Whether you're working with Freelancers or a large agency, learn our tops tips on getting the most out of your outsourced marketing.

Get access to our New Client Brief Template and our New Job Brief Template, found in our workbook.

CMO Rule #10: 
Plan Your Ideal Week

What if you could gain back 4-6 hours of your time a week? We give you strategies to plan your ideal week and gain back control of your time. 

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You've earned your Marketing Black Belt regarding the 10 rules every CMO should follow. Now let's apply everything you've learned, hop on a call with us if you have any questions and want to talk strategy.  

Book a strategy session with us.

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