Dos & Dont's for Local Businesses, Tradeshow Giveaways & lululemon's new Campaign - Sherpas Talking Shop E.12

Dos & Dont's for Local Businesses, Tradeshow Giveaways & lululemon's new Campaign - Sherpas Talking Shop E.12

Big Ideas

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July 10 2017
Big Ideas
Author: Stewart Moffatt

EPISODE 12: Dos and Don'ts for Local Businesses, Tradeshow Giveaways & lululemon's New Campaign

Stew & Mike B discuss tips for local businesses, the keys to effective tradeshow giveaways and lululemon's "This is Yoga" campaign. 


1) Dos and Dont's for local businesses

Own your digital territory: Claim listings, encourage reviews and be present in local Google organic search. 

Go beyond "area code branding": You have to do more than having a logo that refers to the area your branding. The total brand experience needs to be local. 

Build community with complementary local brands: Identify local brands to co-promo with. 

Source local: The more materials and services you offer that are local, the more authentic your brand will be. 

 2) Keys to Effective Tradeshow Giveaway Swag 

Useful: Ensure the item serves a purpose and will be used. 

Valuable: Ensure the item has "value" and subsequently a lengthy lifespan. 

Cost-effective: Tradeshow swag ideas don't have to break the bank. Get creative on how you can bring costs down. 

Interactive: The more an individual interacts with the item, the more likely you will offer a memorable brand experience. 

Represent brand purpose: The item should be symbolic of your brand's purpose. 

3) lululemon "This is Yoga" campaign

An ingenious way of creatively marketing to a new audience (mixed martial arts, dance and surf enthusiasts) without offending or disenchanting your original target marketing (yogis and runners). 


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