Edge Summer 2020: The Constant Quest for Content

Edge Summer 2020: The Constant Quest for Content

Big Ideas

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June 30 2020
Big Ideas

We are in an age where content is needed at a mass scale - when brands can be seen posting once, twice, even four times a day on social platforms.

That is a lot of content to be created, and usually for multiple outlets daily – Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter… pick your swimming lane, although, as Marty Fisher says, "you really should be swimming in the whole pool."

The world of marketing has never been more confusing, convoluted, and at times contaminated (ahem, Kardashians I’m looking at you) than right now. As you can imagine, with all this content floating around, a company can easily get lost in the noise. That’s why it’s important for the content producer your business chooses is “with the times”, so to speak.

Those creating the content need to understand what content thrives and what content dies.

This is where I think it gets hard...and where we can help 😉. There is no way to create one piece of the content that can survive on all the platforms. Sizes of video are different, backgrounds of platforms can be different colours (thanks dark mode) and most importantly, people interact with each platform differently.

That is why businesses must plan to make multiple videos/types of videos to explain the same thing. Yes, that means more $$$. That can definitely be scary, however, I’m sure if you look at how you are spending your money, there is some budget being spent elsewhere that could be relocated to content creation.

I would go as far as to say that those businesses that refuse to get with the times and jump on the content bandwagon will surely be left behind. In an era where you have a couple seconds of someone’s attention, it’s important to be able to capitalize on those eyeballs.Edge summer 2020 - content article


Recently, the Sherpa team released our CMO Dojo miniseries. The series followed our CEO Marty Fisher, as he explains many business challenges and points out really useful advice that could help aid these pain points. Many people see this a “giving away the secret sauce”, this is the wrong way to look at it. By creating this miniseries, our aim was to provide value to someone in need, while simultaneously furthering Sherpa’s brand.

As simple as that sounds, it involved weeks of script writing, animation planning/development and more then 80 hours of video editing, audio synching, and colour grading. I’m telling you this because in order to do content right, it needs to have a strategy.

In order to hit your CTAs and tell the right brand story, you need to plan it, which is why great content takes time and money.

Of course, not everything needs to be shot in a studio space like CMO Dojo; we encourage new locations and ways to tell a story.

Building reputation as a brand is more important than ever before. It is imperative that people know your name of course! However, it's even more important that people know your name for the right reasons. If you are ready to tell your brand’s story, we would love to help you do it the right way.

​See how Sherpa can help strategize your brand's story, reach out to Marty at 204-290-8234.

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