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Email Marketing

Social media and chat apps will come and go. Some channels like Facebook and Twitter became part of our everyday. Others flamed out spectacularly. While there is no doubting the value of social media channels the one constant over the last 20 years of digital marketing is email.

Yes, e-blasting fell out of favour. Inboxes flooded with useless offers, nefarious phishing scams and malware. Users struggled to gain control of their email and the government intervened, enacting strict rules around the use of email for marketing purposes (CASL).

While email is no longer the belle of the ball, it is still one of the most powerful marketing tools available. For Sherpa it’s not about whether to use blast email, but rather how to use it better.

We create highly effective blast campaigns that have measurable results. Sherpa collects email addresses in a fashion that complies with CASL. We know how to store, segment and write targeted email that gets read. We comply with all industry best practices and as a result maintain our status as a Whitelisted service provider. Our delivery rates, read rates and interaction stats are the envy of our competitors.

It’s worth giving blast email another chance, after all… who doesn’t have an email address?
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