Future Evolutions of Social Media

Future Evolutions of Social Media

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July 12 2018
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Recently, Entrepreneur published an article describing the ways social media will evolve in the future. While they listed 11 different evolutions, we’ve picked out 4 that are the most likely to occur.

1. Diversity of Personal Posts

Until now, posts have been limited to outside material, pictures, videos and text. Don’t be surprised if, going forward, new players will introduce more diverse posting options, intermingling audio and visual components to create a unique experience for people viewing and creating posts. As digital technology progresses, people will be hungry for new and interesting ways to share experience.

Lewis emphasizes the importance audio will play in social media’s future: “Just as many of us gathered around a cassette recorder in our early childhood, the unique power of audio can be experienced once again using our smartphones.”

We’re see advances in Augmented Reality (AR) technology that have reduced the cost for the end use with devices such as Google Cardboard – an extremely inexpensive way to experience AR.


2. Users Pay for Space

Premium service will make a splash. This one sounds counterintuitive -- after all, who would pay for a social media experience when they’ve all been free up to this point. Two things will happen to change that previous wisdom. First, with a more personal, story-driven experience, customers will want high-quality images, videos and audio files stored for posterity. Second, having a place to escape constant advertisements will become very important, something a premium social media experience will offer.

“In order to ensure our digital memories are stored and preserved there should be a direct and clear relationship between compensation and the service provided,” says Lewis. “Otherwise, what assurance do users have?”

3. Legacy Building

As has been said many times, the internet is written in ink. It cannot be erased, and in the future, people won’t want it to be. Users will want their social media to existing as an ongoing time capsule, a living record of their lives. Smart platform builders will realize posting shouldn't be a burst about a single moment in time, to be consumed in a few seconds and forgotten about immediately, but as a multi-faceted, interactive diary involving many writers, all telling pieces of their own and others’ stories.

“We’ve arrived at a place where we are as thoughtful about capturing a personal moment to preserve as we are about carefully curating our Instagram feed,” says Lewis. “It’s a question of the legacy you want to leave behind.  If someone has 2 hours to flip through your life’s journey, what do you want them to see?

4. Mobile-native

A mammoth advantage new platforms will have is that they about after the smartphone became ubiquitous. Facebook and Twitter both came before they could really function on a mobile phone, but future platforms will be designed with phones in mind from the beginning.

No clumsy borrowing between web and phone platforms -- seamless integration. The future of the internet is mobile, so it stands to reason that mobile-native platforms will be built to last.


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