Google Analytics - Advanced Dashboard Use

Google Analytics - Advanced Dashboard Use

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July 4 2014
Big Ideas
Author: Michael McCaffrey

A client of ours (travel agency) approached us asking how to easily view reports based on how much traffic each of their agent pages were getting. A custom dashboard is the best solution. You can also modify this approach slightly to track how much traffic your blog posts are getting, product pages, divisions, and much more.

Step 1: 

Find the report or page you wish to make into a dashboard.  (Left Menu)


Step 2:

Filter the pages you’re interested in. In this case, it was any URL that started with “/agent-details/”.  (Menu just above the rows of data)

    /_uploads/images/contenthub-posts/08-2017/step 2 edited new.jpg

Step 3:

Set the number of rows you wish to display. (Bottom of the page)


Step 4:

Copy the entire URL. URLs are dynamic, so Google will remember your preferences in steps 2 and 3 above. (Select the URL and hit “Ctrl + c” to copy)

   /_uploads/images/contenthub-posts/08-2017/step 4 edited.jpg

Step 5:

Create a new ‘blank canvas’ (or add to existing) dashboard. (Top of the left menu)


Step 6:

At the bottom, paste in the URL from Step 4.

   /_uploads/images/contenthub-posts/08-2017/step 6 edited new.jpg

Step 7:

Add a filter, if desired:

   /_uploads/images/contenthub-posts/08-2017/step 7 edited.jpg

Step 8:

Voila! You have a new dashboard. Clicking the title of the dashboard will take you directly to the page you filtered in Steps 4-5.


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