Google Maps Beta Testing Augmented Reality Navigation

Google Maps Beta Testing Augmented Reality Navigation

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February 13 2019
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In May of last year, we talked about how Google Lens was leveraging Augmented Reality technology in a variety of ways. Well, one of these ways will become reality soon!

Currently in beta testing, Google Maps is using Augmented Reality (AR) technology to overlay business listings, walking directions, and additional information you might find useful while exploring your city or a new one.

By utilizing your camera while walking, Google Maps will overlay information on the screen, while providing the traditional map view on the bottom third of the screen in a circular window.

Through the camera, Maps looks for landmarks, signs, etc. to identify where you are – better than GPS alone.

This is beginning to sound technical, but when you look at the photo it begins to make sense.

Sherpa Marketing’s Mike Brown sums it up with; 

“Woah, very cool. Turning your phone into a heads-up display”

Google lent David Pierce from the Wall Street Journal a phone with the new version of Maps to test it out. So Check out the video below of his new Google Maps journey!


While this development is huge for ​Maps, it will be interesting to see how Google plans to monetize this feature and ​as they to look for new ways to generate new advertisement revenue.

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