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Google Web Designer & Video and Display 360

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November 27 2019
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Google Web Designer

Launching in 2014, Google Web Designer has finally hit its stride and become one of advertising and web development’s most powerful tools. Time to go beyond your usual static and display ads and get customers engaged with the pumped-up platform.

Tech giant, Google, recently launched updates to Google Web Designer, an interactive platform for HTML5-based designs and motion graphics. The standalone software allows you to create cross-screen compatible web content and banner ads using an integrated interface.

Get your creative juices flowing with sophisticated tools geared towards creating interactive, responsive and animated ads that make you stand in the competitive ad space. Besides the tools, it also offers pre-built templates and options to preview ads on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Google Web Designer Template Gallery

Figure 1 Ad templates in Google Web Designer 

It’s compatibility with all major platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, is what makes it great for marketers, agencies and web designers.

An amazing feature of the software is the in-built validator, which checks and shows HTML, animation and URL issues in a panel, and saves you the trouble of going back and forth to a third-party source to do so.

Google Web Designer Validator  

Figure 2 Validator Panel in Google Web Designer 

The program also lets you create CSS, JavaScript, and XML files, using syntax highlighting and code auto-completion to simplify the code writing process and making it error-free.

Some key features:

  • HTML5 ads for use on any platform
  • Ad design templates
  • Preview feature for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari
  • Code exporting for ads
  • Allows publishing to Google suite

The content and ads created using Web Designer can be published to the Google Display and Video 360 which offers advanced capabilities and tools for designers and marketers.

Google Display and Video 360

A comprehensive tool for agencies and marketers to integrate all their advertising processes in one place. Get more insights and control by simplifying management of your advertising; online and off.

Google Display and Video 360 is an enterprise demand-side platform offering campaign, creative and media management. It combines features of DoubleClick Bid Manager, Campaign Manager, Studio, and Audience Center in a single product.

The integrated platform offers programmatic and creative capabilities, campaign management, cross-platform measurement and audience management.

Video and display 360

Figure 3 Features and capabilities offered by Google Display and Video 360

The platform is useful for marketers and agencies as it streamlines workflow and campaign management.

It gives marketers the capabilities to oversee and optimize display, video, TV, audio and other channels, all in one spot.

The Display and Video 360 platform offers a full range of templates and features to users—even ones not available in Web Designer.

 Google Video and Display 360

Figure 4 Parallax is a Google Display and Video 360 template that creates an immersive and interactive ad experience using a layered animation effect. 


The capabilities rendered by machine learning and automation in Display & Video 360 simplify marketing processes. The insights and recommendation provided by the in-built intelligence systems help optimize campaigns better by reducing response times and improving ad performance. The automated tools, smart insights and appalling creatives make this platform the next big thing.

Click on the links below to know more about Google Web Designer and Google Display and Video 360:​

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