Got Data?

Over the years, the Canola Council of Canada has amassed a significant amount of research data. Sherpa has a reputation of being very skilled in the management, manipulation and display of complex data sets.

This reputation led the CCC to seek Sherpa out and invite us to develop an interactive way for Growers, Government, Scientists and Agronomists to sort through a number of research studies and play with the numeric results graphically. Click here to check it out. 

The project was intriguing and challenging because Sherpa had to seamlessly integrate the Research Hub tools into a pre-existing website and CMS that wasn’t designed or programmed by Sherpa.

In addition to the integration, Sherpa also launched its cloud based Tableau ( ) analytics tools as the driving force behind the data management, display and manipulation. Leveraging our own Tableau server, web visitors are presented with a wide variety of options for interpreting the research results.

To learn how our marketing services agency, with its particular focus in big data and analytics, can help your organization with its sales and marketing efforts, contact Marty Fisher at his email or call 204-219-8838


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