Growing BB Camp Overnight

Once in a while a job comes into the shop that really hits home for our staff. At Sherpa, we are proud supporters of the camp experience and its positive impact on young people. Moreover, we are proud Manitobans that understand the importance of being active and engaging with nature. As a result, we were thrilled when we were approached by Protexia to support B’nai B’rith Camp’s newly launched capital campaign. 

We are particularly proud of our creative concept - Growth Can Happen Overnight – as, it is an example of the lengths Sherpa will go to in order to understand our client and their needs.  Believe it or not, Marty Fisher showed up to BB Camp on his Sea-Doo to meet with the Camp Director and Protexia to understand the BB Camp brand experience, its unique goals and values – and to get testimonials from BB Campers about why they love the camp experience. The common highlight was… you guessed it, the overnight out-tripping experience! 


Once the creative concept was established Sherpa was tasked with the following rollout tactics: 

Responsive website

( that includes a donation progress tracker, social sharing functionality and facilitates BB Camp’s online donation process.


-Posters & banners


-envelopes, Pledge Cards, and Recognition List



At Sherpa, we believe doing social-good should a fundamental be part of your business. We strive every day to be a steward of knowledge and insight for non-profits.

“Thank you for your incredible flexibility. Sherpa has gone beyond what my ‘hopes and dreams’ were for an agency, even though you came highly recommended. Our success will be in large part because of the amazing messaging, creative and all that you have done over and above. I truly feel that Sherpa cares about our success and it shows by your actions.” – David Greaves, Founder – Protexia  

Please contact us if an organization close to you is in need of communications support!

P.S - Stay Tuned - We will have a report on BB Camp’s fundraising progress in the coming months. 


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