How Customer Satisfaction Levels Impact Your Business - Infographic

We all understand the importance of customer satisfaction. If you don’t satisfy your customers, they won’t come back to you. If you satisfy your customers, they will stick around and might refer others to you as well.

Customer satisfaction levels fluctuate with every experience they have with your business; therefore it is important that you’re always doing your best and delivering on all fronts.

A major benefit of maintaining a high customer satisfaction level is that it will increase your revenue. According to Helpjuice’s infographic below, the probability of selling to a current satisfied customer is 60% - 70%, whereas you have a mere 5-20% probability of selling to a new customer.

Picture that. If ten new prospects walked through your door, at most two would make a purchase. Conversely, if those ten individuals were satisfied existing customers, seven would make a purchase and that purchase would be of greater value since satisfied customers spend more money with your business.

To dive deeper into the benefits and how to keep customers satisfied, check out this useful infographic:


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