How do You Know When to Quit Your Day Job?

This one is for all you side hustler’s out there! How do you know when to quit your day job?

Marty knows this all too well; having juggled a full-time job, a young family with 4 kids, and starting Sherpa, he had to know the exact right time to quit his "real job" and do Sherpa full time.

“I knew that I needed to do Sherpa full time when I started not being able to meet the day-to-day commitments. I was holding down two jobs and Sherpa was basically my side hustle. I obviously had to have enough revenue to fund the transition of quitting my other job but more importantly was that I wasn’t doing as good a job that I knew I could be doing if I was 100% committed. So, the time to quit your day job is when you’re sucking at your side hustle because there’s a lot more opportunity there. That’s the time to pull the pin on the job that you don’t love and start doing the one that you do."



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