How to Improve Your Marketing Funnel

How to Improve Your Marketing Funnel

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August 26 2019
Big Ideas

What is Your Marketing Funnel?

Before learning how to improve your marketing funnel, you need to know exactly what your marketing funnel is. No matter what kind of business you are in, the fundamentals of your funnel will be the same.

A marketing funnel simply refers to the path that customers take with your business in order to ultimately become a customer. In the most basic form there is a beginning, a middle and an end. From top to bottom, the standard funnel levels are:

Marketing funnel Sprout Social 


When the desired customer becomes aware of your brand.


This target client now knows about your products or services and is considering between you and other competitors.


Final step, when the desired customer has now decided to purchase your products or services. This will lead to creating loyalty and, ideally, brand advocates. 

How to Improve Your Marketing Funnel

Now that you know the basics of your funnel, let’s get into how to improve your marketing funnel at every stage.


The biggest mistake that businesses make is spending a lot of money making too many people aware of their products. Imagine spending $50 on a Google advertisement that reaches 100,000 people of all ages, and interests, versus spending $50 to reach 10,000 people who are all looking for and interested in your products. Which one do you think will get you more customers?

Thus, targeting your content to your own niche is fundamental in order to connect your business with the right people.


In order to be considered above your competitors, your products or services need to have some sort of superior quality. What can you offer that your rival cannot? Do you beat them on quality, on price, on customer service?

Find out what it is and make this stand out to your customers. Invest in getting testimonials on your website from past clients, or reviews of your product that can show others how great your products and services really are.

Marketing funnel testimonials


Once someone decides that your business is the one, there still comes difficulties with getting them to purchase. The biggest reason consumers drop off after deciding to convert is because of the difficulties that come with purchasing.

In a product-based company these include difficulties with your online shop. Customers are unable to add things to their shopping cart, or the shopping cart freezes and drops products.

For companies that sell services, this is often due to the number of hoops you are making customers jump through. First the customer has to call, and then they have to set up a meeting, and then possibly even a second meeting to see if they are the right fit. Try to streamline this process into something smooth for your customer.

One last thing to help your conversion rate is to offer your customer an incentive. A simple code offering them 10% off at checkout today, can go a long way.

Final Thoughts

Consider what your current marketing funnel looks like.

Do you have a specific target market yet? Are you spending too much money where you shouldn’t be? Is it clear why someone should buy you over your competitor? What are the challenges that customers face when they decide they want to purchase from you?

Once you address all of these questions, there is no doubt that your company’s conversion rates will begin to sky rocket!

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