How to link a Google Adwords Account with Google Analytics in 5 Easy Steps (with screenshots)

Below is a simple 5-step process explaining how to link your Google AdWords account to your Google Analytics account. Doing this will allow you to access detailed information on what happens beyond the “clickthrough” in your AdWords campaigns. 
1. Click the “Admin” tab from the top-of-page menu:
  /_uploads/images/contenthub-posts/08-2017/step 1.png
2. Select the account you would like to link from the dropdown menu:
  /_uploads/images/contenthub-posts/08-2017/step 2.png
3. From the “Properties” Column, click “AdWords Linking”:
  /_uploads/images/contenthub-posts/08-2017/step 3.png
4. Check any properties that you would like to link and click “Continue”:
  /_uploads/images/contenthub-posts/08-2017/step 4.png
5. Set “Group Title” if you’d like or leave it as the default. Select the “view” that you would like linked (all website data is most common) and click “Link Accounts”:
  /_uploads/images/contenthub-posts/08-2017/step 5.png
Your accounts are now linked. You can now review advanced AdWords data/metrics in Google Analytics!
/_uploads/images/contenthub-posts/08-2017/step 6.png


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