How to maximize ROI from your lead generating marketing efforts

How to maximize ROI from your lead generating marketing efforts

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June 27 2019
Big Ideas
Author: Michael Brown

A common strategy for many businesses is to use digital marketing for lead generation. The main objective from these campaigns is to maximize the revenue from a click, but companies overlook how content and branding can play into initial and follow up conversations with new prospects. The sales team is the first touch for many potential clients. When reached through an online advertisement, the first touch is that much more critical. The pairing of an efficient sales process and cohesive marketing strategy will help maximize the effectiveness of the pitch, along with adding to ROI from the lead.

If you’re having trouble converting inbound leads or just want more ways to maximize the return on your marketing spend, here is some insight on how to gain more from that click.

First: Get Organized

Success is in the details - Earning conversions from paid ads varies in difficulty and can be a complex process.

You’ve got someone at your website and they want more information. They have picked up their phone and start to dial… 

- Does the overall company call tree hierarchy make sense?

- Who is responsible for receiving and routing the call?

- Is the person that answers the phone going to exceed expectations?

Do they have product knowledge?

Are they articulate?

Are they cheerful and collegial?

- Where are calls being abandoned?

- How many calls are going to voicemail?

Are the calls being returned promptly?

- What happens to calls on the weekend (or after hours)?

- Where do your website form submissions go (who’s inbox)?

- How long does it take for email submissions to be addressed?

- Do emails have an auto-reply?

These small details are extremely important when receiving inbound inquiries from PPC campaigns or marketing materials. Managing your leads can make or break your campaign and if it fails at the point of first call or first email you may have wasted thousands of marketing dollars and untold sales.

Organization of your sales team is an important element to delivering an outstanding brand experience, while reducing frustration and call abandonment (Hang-ups).


User Experience - It’s not just for the digital world. Have a designated team for introductions to warm transfer the call to sales, cut down on hold times, provide useful information during those waiting times and avoid dead ends.

If it is necessary for the customer to leave a voicemail, make sure there is an informative message requesting specific information opposed to abrupt generic greeting.


"YOU'VE REACHED 555-555-5555! PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE AFTER THE TONE!" /_uploads/images/contenthub-posts/08-2017/eyeroll_emoji_missed_calls.png /_uploads/images/contenthub-posts/08-2017/eyeroll_emoji_missed_calls.png /_uploads/images/contenthub-posts/08-2017/eyeroll_emoji_missed_calls.png


Automatic Lead Assignment - When a lead sends contact information through your website, it is necessary to respond quickly before it cools down. Don’t waste time, have your CRM system programmed to automatically assign the lead to a sales representative. The sales associate will be able to call ASAP and the manager can be cc’d on the form submission so that they can oversee prompt response times.

Using a CRM with a friendly application programming interface (API) allows your programming team (or Sherpa’s) to integrate virtually any CRM system seamlessly with your website.

Don’t have a CRM? There are affordable consumer relationship management tools that will work for nearly any business size of 10+ employees. Sherpa has helped recommend, setup and design various systems to solve common challenges. Just give us a call.

Required Call Logs -  Communication is a huge part of a successful sales team. Have your CRM system require that calls are logged before continuing within the sales CRM. Notes from calls will allow transparency into the true sales cycle of the product, and help inform associates of pertinent information while collaborating or following up on cold leads. This process also provides high level insight into the resources spent on an individual prospect.

In addition, set up a call tracking and recording system to provide coaching on calls. Is your sales team discouraged about “big brother” listening in? Give them personal accounts and have them select five calls a month that they would like personal coaching through.

Call tracking also gives your company the ability to attribute paid efforts to calls at specific times of day and truly qualify leads by listening to the interaction.


Second: Be Known As The Experts

When a lead is passed on to a sales associate, make sure they are leaving the right impression. With any PPC (pay-per-click) or lead generating campaign there is an opportunity to reinforce the intangibles.

It’s more than rapport - As much as it's the sales team's job to build rapport, it is their job to be experts in every aspect of the business and brand (Ex: Sherpa Account Managers are required to obtain AdWords and Analytics certification’s from Google)

Conversing with an expert always makes for a great first impression. Experts do not avoid tough questions; they know how to provide an answer that sheds positive light on their product. Experts provide situational examples with the benefit of their product’s features. The prospect can read the specifications of the webpage; your team does not have to do that for them.

Verbal brand standards - The statement “Yeah, you guys JUST sell ____ right?” sends shivers down the spine of anyone in marketing and sales. Makes you want to hit them back with the infamous ‘Allow me to reintroduce myself!’ (Read in Jay-Z voice) line from Jay Z’s - Public Service Announcement.

All sales teams should have a “We are not” list. A glossary of rebuttals to bring up during a conversation when a customer overgeneralizes your product. These rebuttals solidify the perceived brand and allow the sales member to respond with a unique selling proposition  or pain point question.

Ex. “You guys do Social Media right? You’re a Social Media Company?”

“Yeah sure, we ‘Do Social Media’ but we are not a social media company. However, what our customers value most is our dynamic ideas, combined with our detailed monthly analytical reports on how and why consumers are interacting with your brand in addition to scheduling daily social media posts and 'dark social' analysis. How does your current content strategy work?” 



Benefits over features - Focus on the prospect's emotions. If you can paint a picture of how the customer will benefit from the product, they will be more willing to have a conversation. Features focus on what make up the product, not why consumers should opt for it.

Tell stories that highlight key benefits to help solidify the brand image that the company has worked so hard to portray through advertising and communications. This reinforces the expertise of the sales associate. Qualifying questions and a quick Google or social media search will also allow for tailored recommendations based on geographic location or information about prospect (B2B).


Third: Utilize Online Content

Good money is spent developing it, so why not show it off? Have your sales team walk customers through the latest product demo video. 

"65% of the population are visual learners"

This allows your team to utilize marketing materials to tell more engaging stories. You can share your screen with the customer and walk them through the latest PowerPoint presentation or new website.

The Basics - If you don’t already have the following marketing collateral, you should consider developing them:  Email Templates, Catalogues, Buyers Guides, White-papers, Product Specification Sheets. 

Your sales team can make use of available content for follow-ups, or even cold contacts. Leverage the materials to help inform your prospects in different ways. This can be achieved easily by directing them to explore a company content hub, blog, or even mailing them a copy of your latest newsletter.

Live Video - Screen share with your customer or invite them to watch a live training seminar. This allows them to get to know you a bit better. The sky's the limit when it comes to engaging content. Did you just upgrade your production facility? 3D map-it. Fly a drone over it (and in it). Have your sales team give a virtual tour from across the country. Be creative. Imagine a custom auto company that allowed you to tune in to see your car being built from a unique link to their website.

Follow up efficiently - Can’t seem to keep the customer on the phone? Send them an email with an infographic or instructional video instead of that four paragraph snooze fest. Follow up with them once they have watched the video.  Attach more than FAQ’s or a spec sheet. Send them to your website for a case study. It helps the prospect imagine themselves in a similar situation along with increasing the traffic on the company domain.


From first touch to final sale, prospects are looking for engaging interactions with experts. Set your team up for success by making sure they have tools and processes to impress. Then sit back and watch the results flow in with your new sales reporting dashboard.

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