How to realize the marketing potential of your corporate events

How to realize the marketing potential of your corporate events

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October 5 2016
Big Ideas

I’ll start this article by asking you a simple question - is your company truly maximizing the marketing potential from corporate events you attend or host? 

Out of the last 50 people I’ve asked this question to, 45 have said no. You’re not alone if you answered no. If you answered yes, I bet that after reading this you will see an opportunity to achieve even greater value from your event(s). 

You invest significant money in hosting your own events and/or being a part of partner events. You see the marketing potential, but you can’t seem to achieve the return on investment you desire. 

From a marketing perspective, if you can complete the following four-part process effectively, your event will be a positive contributor to your sales and marketing efforts. If there are gaps and/or breaks in this process, there’s a strong chance you’re not maximizing the effectiveness of your spend.

The four-part process (D.A.R.T): 
Step 1) Documentation – Capture content (photography, videography, journalism, attendee information) 

Step 2) Amplification – Strategically release this content to social media and other digital marketing mediums

Step 3) Transportation – Take people to the event digitally (live streaming)  

Step 4) Reporting – Examine digital marketing performance metrics

This all sounds easy, right? Wrong. Organizations struggle to find the resources to complete this four-part process effectively. Human capital is spent hosting or attending the event, not marketing it. That’s where you can use a little help!

What you need is an experienced event team with the right equipment and technology that is responsible for capturing content, amplifying it on social media and other marketing mediums and making non-participants feel like they experienced the event digitally. 

Allow me to introduce you to Sherpa’s new service offering - TrendSET: Social Engagement Teams


TrendSET is a team of brand strategists, content capturers and journalists who attend events to complete documentation, amplification, transportation and reporting on your behalf. TrendSET takes the time to consult you beforehand to identify exactly what you’re hoping to get out of the event. At the event, we appear in your organizations branded clothing, communicate your social media offering to attendees while simultaneously capturing and uploading content. We then take the content we’ve captured and produce it into valuable marketing assets (images, videos, articles etc.) that your organization can use in the future. Lastly, we conduct a debriefing where we examine successes and points of learning for future events.



Check out some of our recent video assets here:



Are you in need of a Social Engagement Team?  Please reach out to Marty Fisher (! 



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