Identifying Keywords and Creating Content that will Impact Your SEO in Six Easy Steps

Identifying Keywords and Creating Content that will Impact Your SEO in Six Easy Steps

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June 11 2014
Big Ideas
Author: Stewart Moffatt
In order to discuss these six easy steps, we will highlight a Sherpa client – Black Fox Construction, a company in the construction industry in the Lake of the Woods area. 
Step 1: Think about the products and services your business offers and what your different customers value within those offerings.
Black Fox Construction offers cottage lot selection and building orientation with a focus on the selection of architects and designers in the area. Working with local suppliers and agencies Black Fox Construction focuses on the building of docks, boathouses, cottages, septic tank infrastructures, etc. in the lake regions of: Lake of the Woods, Clearwater Bay, Falcon Lake, Minaki, Winnipeg River and Black Sturgeon Lake. Our customers value dedicated, hard-working construction professionals that are familiar with the area and have local connections to make your building project as easy as possible.  
Step 2: Break the products and services into several logical groups or categories.
- Category 1: Docks and boathouses 
- Category 2: Cottages
- Category 3: Septic
- Category 4: Custom builds
- Category 5: Landscaping
Step 3: In each group, put yourself in the mind if your customer…What would they type into a search engine?
Docks and boathouses: “How to build a boathouse” “Floating dock builder Kenora” etc.        
Cottages: “Cottage builder Kenora” “Cottage designers in Lake of the Woods” etc. 
Septic: “Sewage waste systems for cottages” “Waste disposal options for cottages” etc. 
Custom Builds: “Custom cottage designs in Lake of the Woods” “Custom cottage plans” etc. 
Landscaping: “Cottage landscaping ideas” 
Step 4: Create content based on your findings. 
Write a blog post about an area with common questions for consumers such as, “How should I go about choosing a builder for a cottage?”– Writing detailed blog posts allows for the chance to include many key words that would match a customer’s search. 
Step 5: Once you have content for your business offerings, start thinking about your target market… what else are they searching for online?
Write a blog post answering the question “How do I go about choosing a lot for my lakeside cottage or home?” or “How much does it cost to build a cottage from scratch?”– Consumers may be looking for cottages or lots in a certain area and may want to know details about budgeting and availability. Your target market may be looking for areas in a quieter bay where they can fish and water-ski, or maybe they are looking for a spot on an open body of water with a view. By writing web content with specific details that match what your target market may be looking for increases your chances of being discovered online. It shows you have a strong understanding of the area and that you’re in touch with what consumers want and need from their construction company.   
Step 6: Continue creating content that is useful and relevant to your customers.  
Text, images, and video are all very useful for their own reasons, and a great content marketing strategy takes advantage of all three. 
Black Fox Construction has galleries on its website showing past work they have completed on cottages, docks, decks, boathouses, garages and bunkies. This is an excellent way to keep potential customers up to date on past projects and new service offerings.   
- Elizabeth White  

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