Increase your Email Open and Click Rates

Struggling with an email list and not receiving many opens or clicks? Research from Cheetah Digital’s 2017 Q4 report found that adding some variation of “Thank you” in your email subject line produces increased open and click rates.

While you might not expect much from a simple “Thank you” in an email subject line, the data shows that a little gratitude can increase both open and click rates by at least 50%. But the good news gets better; with those two little words in the subject line, transaction rates increased in all cases.

Here are a few different examples for subject lines:

“Thank You for being YOU!”

“A Heartfelt Thanks”

“Warm Thank You to You”

Emails with subject lines such as these are sure to receive an open – because who wouldn’t want to be thanked?

If you’d like to see additional information on this report, check out the article over at MarketingProfs here.


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