Increasing Your Market Share

To understand how to increase market share, one must first seek enlightenment.

While it sounds “new-agey”, enlightenment is the outcome of Sherpa’s process. First, we measure, then we analyze. From analysis comes insight and insight drives our recommendation.

Sherpa has an incredible suite of tools at its disposal to aid on the path to enlightenment. Tools are nothing without a master tradesman to ply them. Sherpa’s experienced staff have the skill and experience to be considered “masters”. Our tools allow us to build the data warehouse and dissect the data. MS SQL, Tableau and JAWAS (Just in time Advanced Web Analytics Suite) are few of the tools we employ every day.

Sherpas know what questions to ask, where to find useful data, how to determine what should be measured and how to establish the KPI’s from the data.

From there, Sherpa works with you to create the measurable strategy and tactics that ultimately increase your market share.