Increasing Your Sales

Sherpa works in the real world, one where its clients have to fight every day to win the battle for transactions.

If marketing is the art of persuasion, then Sherpa’s goal is to create an experience where your prospects and customers are persuaded to see you as the ONLY viable option as they work through their decision making and onboarding processes.

Marketing works and we can prove it. We have dozens of instances where Sherpa’s strategy and tactics have been part of a collaborative effort with clients that drove measurable success.

We’ve worked with start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. We helped one company go from $0 -$14 Million in sales in 2 years. Another went from $80 Million to almost $400 Million since we started working with them – and they are still growing!

Our ability to augment and back-fill sales & marketing expertise at the executive and director level is one that is highly sought after. Sherpas aren’t interested in accolades, we are interested in results.