Infographic: What Every Brand Needs to Know About Marketing to Dads

With Father’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to put the spotlight on Dads – even though we know a lot of you Dads prefer to work behind the scenes!

Fathers are a unique and often overlooked demographic. Recently, MDG Advertising conducted a study that revealed fatherhood has a huge impact on brand engagement, and many advertisers remain in the dark about this untapped market.

“It’s clear that when a man becomes a father, he experiences a shift in what’s important to him, which shifts the context of his decision making,” said Anthony Del Gigante, director of brand at MDG. New dads, for instance, tend to make changes to their brand preferences by favoring products they perceive as “more responsible,” like switching to healthier foods or more environmentally friendly cleaning products. In the study, 41 percent of dads said they switched brands upon becoming a parent.

There’s a longstanding notion that women are the “gatekeepers” of decisions around the house, said Ruth Bernstein, co-founder and CEO of Yard NYC, adding that the perception is outdated. Women are not necessarily the primary or final decision makers—72 percent of respondents said fathers have shopping responsibilities for the home. 

If you’d liked to dive deeper, check out the full article over at AdWeek.


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