Instagram “You’re all caught up” Feature

Instagram “You’re all caught up” Feature

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May 28 2018
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Instagram has become one most powerful social media networks in the world today. However, since the inception of the feed algorithm in 2016, Instagram has faced two major problems.

Problem 1: Upset Users

Since the change, users have voiced that they would like the chronological feed to return. This comes as no surprise; users miss seeing and interacting with much of their favourite content at the time of posting, causing them to suffer from severe “FOMO” (the fear of missing out).

Problem 2: Unhealthy Behavior

Research has also shown that a feed based on an algorithm can lead to passive, unhealthy, “zombie browsing” behavior. This “zombie browsing” is bad news for brands who want their content to be digested by their followers, and also bad news for Instagram if they hope to keep users engaged on the platform.

The Challenge

While users and research are against the feed algorithm, it does provide benefits such as showing users content from the profiles they interact with and enjoy the most, without having to scroll through loads of content from less relevant sources.

The challenge Instagram faces is finding a way to maintain the algorithm, while still notifying the user when they have seen all the latest content.

The Solution

The launch of the “You’re All Caught Up” feature, one of Instagram’s first publicly tested updates.

The new feature will notify users when they’ve seen all new posts from the past 48 hours. While this might hurt Instagram’s bottom line with users spending less time in-app, the hope is to ensure that users feel more in-the-know and continue to engage with the platform long-term.

This seems to be the first of many features that Instagram will be rolling out with the “Time Well Spent” movement in mind. We look forward to seeing how the app adapts to the ever-changing social media environment.

If you’re interested in diving deeper, check out the article over at Techcrunch.


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