Knocking It Out Of the Park

Sherpa is happy to announce its sponsorship of the Nepalese Yetis Baseball Club. The Nepalese Yetis will be participating in the Fort Garry 6 & 4 Slo-Pitch League.

There are a few Sherpas on the roster that you may be working with... and yes, they plan on relieving work-related stress by hitting homers!

Your Ball Swatting Sherpas are:

Stewart Moffatt A.K.A: The Stew-Choo Train
Marty Fisher A.K.A – Stubby Clapp
Kristofer Salfert A.K.A – Kreezus
Myles Barr A.K.A – Milly Bats (He requested his nickname be “Myles outside of the park, Barr” but this name has not been earned yet)

Come on out any time and we will buy you a beverage... or if you are braver – challenge the Yeti’s to a game!


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