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Sherpa is a full-stack marketing company that builds integrated marketing machines to help manufacturing firms attract and convert more - and better - qualified buyers, while reducing the burden on our clients’ internal sales and marketing teams.

We understand that manufacturing companies face unique challenges like managing supply chains and inventory, improving production quality, and finding skilled labour. In addition to driving operational efficiency, manufacturers must also fill the pipeline with ideal potential customers through sales and marketing.

Although sales is the primary vehicle for business growth, the qualification process can feel like it’s taking focus away from what matters: converting top-tier buyers into closed sales and meaningful revenue.

Sherpa helps you to be found in intent-rich moments. Those critical moments when a prospect or customer is typing a search query looking for a product or service that you offer. Sherpa builds custom systems and processes that help attract buyers, qualify opportunities, and guide leads through the sales process. We want your management team and sales staff to focus on your company’s high-value activities. Let Sherpa handle the rest.

How Do We Do This?

Build the Engine:

Ensure the proper marketing and sales qualification automation systems (both human and digital) are in place to handle your demand and sales.

Premium Intake:

Filter out the junk before it wastes your sales team’s time. Sherpa connects directly with your CRM system to handle the initial qualification of leads. We know the value of speed and we touch base with any inbound lead within a guaranteed 5-minute response time, 24/7, 365.

Fuel the Tank:

94% of B2B buyers conduct online research prior to purchase – how are you showing up? Sherpa ensures you’re present in these moments by finding prospective buyers through paid ads and Account Based Marketing outreach.

Step on the Gas:

Learn the exact output created by your marketing inputs, giving you the confidence to hit the accelerator and scale ad spend with positive ROI. Sherpa ensures that all campaign touchpoints are inherently measurable and fully transparent, giving our clients – and us – insight into what’s working, and what can be improved.

Who We Work With

  • Manufacturers of technical products and supporting services
  • Manufacturers that need help with marketing throughout lengthy or complex sales processes
  • Manufacturers that need help engaging buyers and decision makers digitally
  • Manufacturers that need their marketing and sales efforts to be more closely aligned

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Glenn Cressman
Chief Client Officer

Looking for more? Here are some projects we are proud of building from the ground up

Winpak: Brand strategy, Brand Identity, and North American Website



A quality build matters: daily traffic directly from Google Search increased by 2,000% compared to the previous year.

Efficient lead routing: an average of 3.4 lead inquiries per day flow through to the exact territory and product managers who are responsible for lead follow-up.

A consistent brand worldwide: a tagline that is confidently used in critical communications and embraced internally as a rally cry across departments.

Winpak is a global packaging company with twelve manufacturing facilities across North America. Winpak worked with Sherpa on a revamp of the visual identity of the company, marketing messaging strategy, and custom website.

Branding Goal

The goal of the visual identity and brand strategy was to inform Winpak clients and stakeholders that there was a fundamental pivot within the organization and that the new colours and taglines were the tip of the iceberg.

Website Goal

The goal of the website rebuild was to allow customers and prospects to easily find the right packaging and its specs, while seamlessly flowing information to the correct contact within North America.

Full Buy-In and Collaboration

Our team had many interviews with Winpak’s business development team, product specialists, and clients, and was able to work with these insights to craft the all-new corporate messaging, design assets, and website experience.

PetroleumEquipment.ca (Western Global’s Parts Store): Branding and Custom E-Commerce Website


Average e-commerce revenue growth of 185% (two-years running)

Gained #1 – #5 Google Search ranking on 10 high-volume keywords

PetroleumEquipment.ca is a Canadian company that offers petroleum-handling products for oil, grease, gasoline, and diesel exhaust fluid. Sherpa and PetroleumEquipment.ca worked together on a new brand and e-commerce website.

PetroleumEquipment.ca launched in January 2018. This was a brand-new e-commerce website with negligible traffic and no SEO traction for revenue-driving keywords.

E-Commerce Goals

Since the site launched, return on marketing investment has increased from under 50% in the first year, almost 100% in year two, and is expected to reach 453% of media ROI in 2020.

SEO Goal

Sherpa knew that due to the limited ad spend, the website would need to be built with a special focus on SEO for e-commerce because organic search results needed to grow quickly. As more and more organic searches began turning into transactions, we were then able to heavy-up on SEM areas where we were less competitive organically.

SEM Goal

The client’s digital ad spend was limited but Sherpa knew the first year would be important to supplement SEO growth with keyword bidding on Google Ads. As the website gained traction on SERP (Search Engine Results Pages), we realized that SEM was imperative to the strategy as 55% of transactions took more than two website visits before a sale.
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