Marketing Agency vs Freelancer. What's Better for Your Business?

Marketing Agency vs Freelancer. What's Better for Your Business?

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February 9 2018
Big Ideas

Why would anyone pick to hire an agency over a freelancer?


There are two main people that hire freelancers:

1) Agencies

2) Companies

Whatever side you are looking from, the benefits of an agency over a freelancer are clear.

A freelancer doesn't have any "bench strength". If you give them a job, there is generally a finite box in terms of what they deliver.

Freelancers tend to be proxy's whom you tell what to do. Whereas agencies tend to ask the question "What SHOULD I do?".

If you hire a freelancer they often end up being spread pretty thin. So you might have something that for you and your clients is a high priority, but because they have other clients, they aren't putting you to the top of the pile.

So to put a bow on it, its about managing deadlines, and having the control over the quality of work, having a deeper bench, and lastly an agency answers the question what should I do, instead of being told what to do.



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