How Google Lens is leveraging Augmented Reality technology

How Google Lens is leveraging Augmented Reality technology

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May 14 2018
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What if you could arrive in a city where you’ve never set foot, and know exactly where you’re going no matter where you’re headed? With Google’s latest update to Google Lens, the integration of Google Maps is revolutionizing the way users move through the world.

At Google’s I/O developer conference, Lens developers unveiled a new way to navigate unknown territory by incorporating Google Maps, augmented reality (AR), and artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This exciting combination of smart technologies are

Identification & Translation– A Traveler’s Dream

Have you ever been touring a new city and wondered which building you’re passing, what that Korean menu says, or what breed of dog just trotted by? Well, Google Lens can answer those questions by using your smartphone camera to analyze the world around you.

By using the power of AR and AI technology, Google Lens identifies and finds the answers you need. For example, if you’re on a ferry holding your phone towards the Statue of Liberty, Google Lens can identify it and offer you information about the landmark.

Navigation – Change the Way You Move

With the addition of Google Maps, Google Lens is changing the way you navigate your city. For example, if you’re using GPS navigation through the device, the software generates bold arrow graphics – reminiscent of Mario Kart – to guide you through your route. Google Lens will do the same with its AR capabilities to ensure you do not miss a single turn.

In addition to these added features, Google Lens will also save you time on your commutes throughout town by guiding you to your destination quickly with in-route updates. While apps such as Waze become increasingly popular, abundant usage data has allowed Google Maps to become more responsive to the user’s environment. As Google Maps becomes seamlessly integrated with Google Lens, the efficiency of both technologies is expected to improve and gain more momentum in the personal tech marketplace.

Save Money – Find the Best Deals

Have you ever found a piece of clothing and fallen in love, only to have your heart broken by the price tag? Well, Google Lens has a solution to this problem. Simply point the camera at the piece of clothing, and the software will scour the internet for similar items at any price point. With the AR overlay, you can purchase an identical garment from a lower-cost vendor, saving you money.

Fun Stuff – Enjoy the Little Things

With this kind of technology, it is essential to have some fun!

Tired of walking along that sidewalk alone? Use Google’s animated guide to accompany you to your destination using the integrated AR. If you fell in love with Scarlett Johanssen’s raspy-voiced AI entity in 2013’s Her, we guarantee you’ll find Google’s AI assistant much foxier.

Google is leveraging AR technology to provide a better user experience and continue to dominate as an industry leader. Find out how Sherpa can help you implement AR technology into your business here!

Looking to learn more about Google Lens? Click here to see Techcrunch’s article on this groundbreaking technology.


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