May the 4th - How Sherpa’s are like Astromech Droids (like BB8 and R2D2)

May the 4th - How Sherpa’s are like Astromech Droids (like BB8 and R2D2)

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May 4 2016
Big Ideas
Author: Marty Fisher

There are many stereotypes for programmers and creatives (Sherpa has quite a few of both) and today we celebrate one that is true.

A significant proportion of Sherpa employees are Star Wars fanboys (and girls). We have figurines, we talk about things like who Rey’s parents are, we watch the Clone Wars animated series. We are unabashed in our love for George Lucas’s creation. When a new trailer dropped for Rogue One, productivity stopped for 10 minutes while we all watched and then discussed what we saw.


With May the 4th here, it occurred to me that the staff here at Sherpa are a lot like an astromech droid – the most famous astromech droids of course being R2D2 and BB8.

Comparing Sherpas to a squat robot that can’t speak in anything other than chirps, squelches and tweets might seem unfair, but ask yourself… where would Luke Skywalker be without R2D2?

Astromech droids are sentient robots that can help you map a course through treacherous space and help you avoid coming out of hyperspace in the middle of a star. They have numerous attachments that can help you do things like hack the code of hangar bay door so that you can escape Stormtroopers.

They are the unsung heroes. R2D2 was in Luke’s X-wing when he blew up the first Death Star - but did R2D2 receive a medal in the final scene? No, he didn’t, but he was okay with that. 


How are Sherpa staff like astromech droids?

We help our clients plot through a difficult course. We find the best way to get to the destination (goal) while avoiding disasters. We do the hard work in the back while our clients shine in the spotlight. We don’t expect rewards or recognition. And we have numerous abilities that are handy in a pinch – yes we could hack that hangar door. Yes, Sherpas often communicate in a language that few understand. Most importantly, you can count on a Sherpa when the pressure is on.

On a day where we celebrate one of the most cherished movie franchises, we know it would be fun to compare ourselves to the charming rogue, Han Solo, but it would be forced and it just wouldn’t fit. 

At Sherpa we are happy to be your trusted sidekick and work with you to ensure your success.

May the 4th be with you!

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