Microsoft - Turning the Titanic

Microsoft - Turning the Titanic

Big Ideas

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May 14 2015
Big Ideas
Author: Marty Fisher

Microsoft Ignite Conference

Conferences are long, boring, physically and mentally taxing. And – they are terribly expensive from a real and opportunity cost standpoint.

So why attend them at all? Or more specifically, as a marketing services company, why would you send anyone to Chicago for the Microsoft Ignite Conference? In a creative world driven by Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign, how does Microsoft and its solutions matter?

Sherpa attended this because Microsoft’s products are the backbone of our customer’ businesses. Most of our clients use products like SQL Server, Yammer, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, SharePoint, Excel and One Drive EVERY day all day.

We believe in order to service our customers and bring the most innovative and effective solutions, that we need to understand how these tools can be adapted to maximize the effectiveness of the sales and marketing departments of our clients.

Corporate social, document management and internal communications are all relevant to driving external communications and increasing efficiency.

As a valued marketing technology partner, it behooves Sherpa to stay aware of the latest developments in the Microsoft Portfolio. In fact, we’d be crazy not to.

What did we learn?

  • Collaborative workflow is getting easier – Office 365 for Workgroups looks like a winner
  • Cloud/Hybrid Cloud – more and more of what we do and save will be stored in the cloud
  • Windows 10 – is going to be a fantastic fusion of Windows 7 and 8. Users will like its familiar look and feel as its more like Windows 7.
  • Action Centre – in Windows 10, a hub where all your notifications can be viewed in one place
  • Yammer – corporate social, great for large organizations looking to build engagement in its workforce
  • Azure – Microsoft is all-in on the virtualization of server and storage
  • IoT – There is no clear winner in Internet of Things (yet) Microsoft is throwing the kitchen sink at this space
  • Kiosks – Everything is a kiosk


There’s been a seismic shift in how Microsoft approaches the delivery of its software and services. This isn’t the company many of us have come to despise. There is a youthful feeling and quiet confidence to what they are doing and I expect them to continue to be a dominant force in IT for the next 5-10 years.

Much of this learning will be covered in greater detail in separate blog posts. 

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