Momentum Healthware Website Launch

Momentum Healthware Website Launch

Big Ideas

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May 27 2015
Big Ideas

Momentum Healthware is a leading-edge provider of technology-based solutions for the healthcare industry. 
After careful consideration, Momentum partnered with Sherpa Marketing to introduce an easier-to-use CMS, SEO-friendliness and responsive design to their website. 

Website redesign to a Sherpa means first asking a ton of questions so that we can truly understand the client’s business, their industry, competitors, products, target markets, their key decision makers and how they behave.

This was a challenge in Momentum’s case. Momentum has three relatively complex and disparate products, each of which can benefit different industries and sizes of facility in a unique way. Furthermore, in order for an organization to choose a technology solution of this magnitude, buy-in is required from several levels of decision-makers, each of whom are motivated in their own way.

We created a primary navigation that allows a user to easily find the information they are after. A CEO is motivated and thinks differently than does a CFO. The Director of Care at a small long term care facility wants to see entirely different information, and is interested in different products than a Government Policy Maker. 

Together, we created pages on the site to speak to the needs of each of these important target groups, and a menu structure designed to allow them to find that content.

Building a great website takes a lot more than putting pretty pictures on a page (though it does take a lot of that).

Sherpa’s approach is to start by reviewing existing Analytics to see how people are using your website. In many cases, we find that actual usage is a lot different from how our clients want their customers to use their websites.

Sherpa then goes through a rigorous process of hierarchy and wireframing alternatives with our UI/UX team to determine how to lay out the site. Visitors to your website care about finding the information they want quickly and easily. You have to accommodate for the users who want to deep dive into content as well as the ones who want to graze, poking around here and there for tidbits of information.

But no matter how smart you are, how much experience you have, and how many times you’ve done it before, you just never know until you see the data. We will let analytics show us what people like about the site and what causes them to drop off. Sherpa has a whole suite of tools beyond Google Analytics to analyze website traffic and visitor engagement.

If a website creation can be likened to science… the first step is to hypothesize and the next step is to test. Yes, you want to formulate the best hypothesis possible, but you want to also be flexible and allow the data to tell you what you should be changing.

Now that our “hypothesis” is live, the experiment can begin! 


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