Netflix's Social Media Strategy, Overcoming Negative Customer Experiences & Branded Snapchat Filters - Episode 13


Stew, Mike B & Jessica discuss Netflix's approach to social media, how to view and overcome negative customer experiences & the keys to building an engaging branded Snapchat filter. 


1) Netflix Social Media Marketing Strategy

Localization: Netflix used timely humor to engage its audience in Brazil while promoting the Netflix original series House of Cards. The tweet "Tá difícil competir." (“Hard to compete with”) poked fun at recent political scandals in Brazil which generated online buzz and virality. This is a great example of understanding the audience in Brazil and using localized content to build engagement. 


The Meme Machine: Netflix showcases fun and creative memes to entertain viewers regularly.


Content Creation: Netflix recognizes they have an  immense content backlog. It takes advantage of the surplus of original content by distributing entertaining clips and teasers regularly.


Running with Pop Culture: Netflix did not stand in the way of the Internet running with the infamous slogan of "Netflix & Chill". 


Stew's All-Time Favorite Meme: 


 2) Overcoming Negative Customer Experiences

Negative brand experiences will inevitably occur, and when they do, businesses should perceive these situations as opportunities to manufacture positive word-of-mouth.

As consumers, we test the strength of our relationships with businesses when communicating dissatisfaction. If a business responds to customer-dissatisfaction by doing the absolute minimum (or nothing at all) to repair the relationship, we will end the relationship… and tell our social network about it. On the other hand, if a business responds to customer-dissatisfaction by amazing us and going beyond our expectations, we remain loyal… and tell our social network about the positive experience.

It’s all about having the mindset of “how can we use this situation to strengthen the customer-relationship and build positive word-of-mouth” as opposed to “how can we resolve this situation with the least amount of output/resources”

The above is a snipit is from Stew's article on how businesses should view negative customer experiences

The concept discussed above is called the Service Paradox Recovery

3) Keys to Building an Engaging Branded Snapchat filter

Fun: Strive for brand awareness, Snapchat filters are not for direct conversions. 

Shareable: Snapchat filters are great for creating virality. The more engaging it is, the more shareable it will be and subsequently the more impressions you will earn. 

Cost-Effective: Minor spends generate many impressions. 

Ad of the Week: 

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