The Feeling of Holding Money



The Feeling of Holding Money



In the weeks leading up to Value Partners Investments Annual General Meeting, Sherpa was tasked with updating VPI’s advisor brochure. The goal of the updated brochure was to communicate VPI’s investment strategy in a visually compelling, succinct and easy to understand fashion.

The piece needed to exude quality and the unassailable nature of the best businesses in the world - two key attributes that VPI demands of the companies it invests in.

After a thorough brainstorming session, Sherpa decided to create a brochure that creates the feeling of holding money. The following printing techniques were used in the production of the brochure:

  1. Engraved images – Sherpa took photographic images and created line art versions that appeared to be hand engraved

  2. Special colours – Each spread was coloured to match $50, $100 bills

  3. Embossing – the cover was blind-embossed to exude quality and texture

  4. Foil Stamping – the cover has spot silver foil stamping to give feeling of metal

  5. Holographic Foil Stamping - inside spreads have spot holographic foil stamping to make pages look like money

  6. Steel Grommet Binding – perfect binding with steel grommets continue the high-end look and feel 

Sherpa’s depth of experience in printing and relationships with quality print operators allowed Sherpa to be very creative. This memorable design is the result of outstanding creative and printing techniques.

We succeeded in crafting a communications piece that is head and shoulders above those typical to the mutual fund industry. It effectively demonstrates the “value” of VPI’s investment strategy and is universally loved by the investment advisors that recommend VPI to their clients.

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