Office Hunters Reveal Video - Sherpa Marketing

Office Hunters Reveal Video - Sherpa Marketing

Big Ideas

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April 24 2018
Big Ideas

Our new office reveal video is live!

Come check out our new space alongside some of our Sherpa Yetis. Make sure to stay tuned until at least 1:51 to witness some tears.




Kira, Marketing Coordinator: Welcome back to Office Hunters! The Sherpas are anxiously awaiting the big office reveal. In the meantime, we caught up with them to get a little bit of feedback on what they're looking for. 

Hannah, Social Media Coordinator: I didn't think that there was anything wrong with the old office. I mean yeah it was small, but it was cozy. It was like being on an airplane, all the time. I love travelling.

Mike Brown, Account Manager: I'm pumped for the new office. Hoping it has a new gym, and a yoga studio. Well maybe that's too much to expect. At least weekly yoga instructors in the gym.

Noah Hurley, Jr. Graphic Designer: Listen. Off the record, I'm not even sure there is a new office. I think the government staged the end of our lease and this is all just a conspiracy. Wait, are you recording me?!

Kira: Alright so I'm here with the designer of Sherpa Marketing, I just wanted to understand how you got inspired for the space.

Liz Hands, "Designer"*: A lot of it stems from Marty. He really wanted a functional space for his employees. Where my inspiration came from was just to create an inviting and yet inspiring place for Sherpa's to come. 

Kira: Very nice, well let's see how the Sherpas like it. 


Kira: Today's the big day, I got the Sherpa crew here waiting for the big reveal. I'm so excited to show them. Let's see what the office has in store. 


Kira: So this is the entry way, nice little reception desk. And then we have a huge space compared to the old one. Check out this kitchen guys. 

Hannah: It's like 3 kitchens! 

Kira: Yeah 3 kitchens in one. 

Kira: There you go, new spot to work. 

Kira: So, do you love it?

Hannah: Yeah!

*Hallelujah music plays*

Kira: Well there you have it, seems like they love the new office. This is Office Hunters signing off.​




*Liz is actually our Accounting Clerk. Shout out to the real designer, Amy Findlayson at COI. Thank you for creating our beautiful new space, Amy!


Thanks for ​watching!
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