Office Hunters Reveal Video - Sherpa Marketing

Our new office reveal video is live!

Come check out our new space alongside some of our Sherpa Yetis. Make sure to stay tuned until at least 1:51 to witness some tears.




Kira, Marketing Coordinator: Welcome back to Office Hunters! The Sherpas are anxiously awaiting the big office reveal. In the meantime, we caught up with them to get a little bit of feedback on what they're looking for. 

Hannah, Social Media Coordinator: I didn't think that there was anything wrong with the old office. I mean yeah it was small, but it was cozy. It was like being on an airplane, all the time. I love travelling.

Mike Brown, Account Manager: I'm pumped for the new office. Hoping it has a new gym, and a yoga studio. Well maybe that's too much to expect. At least weekly yoga instructors in the gym.

Noah Hurley, Jr. Graphic Designer: Listen. Off the record, I'm not even sure there is a new office. I think the government staged the end of our lease and this is all just a conspiracy. Wait, are you recording me?!

Kira: Alright so I'm here with the designer of Sherpa Marketing, I just wanted to understand how you got inspired for the space.

Liz Hands, "Designer"*: A lot of it stems from Marty. He really wanted a functional space for his employees. Where my inspiration came from was just to create an inviting and yet inspiring place for Sherpa's to come. 

Kira: Very nice, well let's see how the Sherpas like it. 


Kira: Today's the big day, I got the Sherpa crew here waiting for the big reveal. I'm so excited to show them. Let's see what the office has in store. 


Kira: So this is the entry way, nice little reception desk. And then we have a huge space compared to the old one. Check out this kitchen guys. 

Hannah: It's like 3 kitchens! 

Kira: Yeah 3 kitchens in one. 

Kira: There you go, new spot to work. 

Kira: So, do you love it?

Hannah: Yeah!

*Hallelujah music plays*

Kira: Well there you have it, seems like they love the new office. This is Office Hunters signing off.​




*Liz is actually our Accounting Clerk. Shout out to the real designer, Amy Findlayson at COI. Thank you for creating our beautiful new space, Amy!


Thanks for ​watching!
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