Prairie farmers look to increase tech use, but face obstacles

CNS Canada -- As spring approaches, some producers are searching for new technology to integrate into their operations -- while others have opted out of the ag tech sector, whether by choice or through a lack of accessibility. "Even two years ago, it was way worse out there in terms of apps, in terms of what's possible," said Dean Harder, a Manitoba rep and board member with the National Farmers Union (NFU). Technology has been edging into farming for years -- not just in machinery such as combines or tractors, but in sensors for measuring yield and soil moisture, drones for scouting fields, mobile apps and more. "It really spreads the gamut, between just basic simple apps for recording your input in a more succinct way, to stuff like figuring out your nutrient level," said Harder, a grain and oilseed grower near Lowe Farm, Man., about 45 km northeast of Winkler. "I think the shifts are happening. We're…
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