Privacy Statement

At Sherpa Marketing Inc. ("Sherpa Marketing", "we" or "us"), we recognize the importance of protecting personal information.  We have established this Privacy Statement to set out our policy concerning the collection, use, administration and disclosure of personal information that is in our custody or under our control.  This Privacy Statement complies with applicable privacy laws where we operate, including without limitation, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (Canada).

This Privacy Statement applies to "personal information".  In the interpretation of this Privacy Statement and its terms, Sherpa Marketing will rely on the definition of "personal information" under applicable privacy laws. Generally speaking, "personal information" includes information about an identifiable individual, but would not include the business contact information of a third party employee where we have been in contact with that employee for their business advertising, marketing or other business needs.  "Personal information" will not include information about employees or contractors of Sherpa Marketing, as Sherpa Marketing employee and contractor personal information is the subject of other Sherpa Marketing policies and not this Privacy Statement.

What personal information does Sherpa Marketing collect?  For what purposes?

At Sherpa Marketing, we only require personal information that is necessary to carry out our services.  You may also choose to provide us with optional additional personal information at your discretion.

Our Services

At Sherpa Marketing, our focus is to help you and your business reach the summit of success through strategic and effective marketing. In order to provide requested services, it may be necessary for Sherpa Marketing to collect personal information from time to time.  The nature of that personal information will depend on the type of service you require.  When we collect personal information from you in connection with a service, we will seek consent at the time of or in connection with that collection.  We will also identify the purposes for the collection and use of personal information.

For persons visiting our office, we may collect your name, address, company name you represent, title and contact details, together with other relevant information.

For clients who have requested services, we require the client name (address, contact details), designated contact name, title, email and telephone number, project details, credit card or banking information for payment processing, as well as other relevant information.

For service providers or potential service providers, we require the supplier name (address, contact details), designated contact name, title, email and telephone number, contract details, payment information as appropriate, together with other relevant information.

All of the above will be retained in our records in accordance with Sherpa Marketing policies and this Privacy Statement.

We will use personal information provided to us to:

(i) to contact you and to provide the services requested;
(ii) to send you newsletters and industry updates as appropriate;
(iii) to communicate with you in connection with your project and other opportunities, subject to your consent;
(iv) to process payments for services rendered and for related financial requirements; and
(iv) as otherwise permitted or required in connection with our business under applicable privacy laws and our policies.

Our Website

On our website,, you may choose to use the Contact Us feature of our website.  In order for us to contact you concerning your inquiry, we require your name, email address and telephone number.  You may also choose to provide us with your company name, industry details, information concerning the project type you are interested as well as your project needs.
Information provided to us through our website "Contact Us" section will be used, of course, to contact you in connection with your inquiry and your information will be stored in our database in the normal course, including where you choose not to move ahead with any project. [A1] 
We do not disclose our client database nor allow third parties access to our client database, unless of course we are specifically compelled to do so at law.

Analytics and Cookies

We advise our clients that valuable information can be learned from analytics data.  At Sherpa Marketing, we use Google Analytics in connection with our website to collect data to better understand our market and those who are interested in our services.  Through the use of cookies, which track certain user information from one session on a website to another or between websites, Google Analytics can analyze a website user's behavior and provide us with valuable insight in terms of improving our website and services. Please note that your Internet Protocol (IP) address will be collected through the use of our website unless you disable cookies through your internet browser; disabling cookies may not allow certain features of our website to work effectively.  We may see information concerning a user's geographical location, user behavior and interests given your internet use and selections on our site and others that help us tailor our services.  We do not engage in any process to connect or identify an IP address with other personal information.

Sherpa Marketing uses generalized analytics data in connection with its services and may use or disclose such aggregated data without consent.

How do I consent to collection, use or disclosure of my personal information?

Consent can either be express or implied based on the circumstances.  Sherpa Marketing will rely on implied consent only where the use of your personal information is directly and clearly connected to the purpose for which your personal information was provided. 

Does Sherpa Marketing disclose personal information?

Sherpa Marketing will only disclose your personal information with your consent, unless otherwise required or permitted by applicable privacy laws.  You may choose to authorize a disclosure to a designated agent or representative.

Where we are working with other service providers to carry out your requested service, we will specifically seek your consent prior to the disclosure of personal information.
Sherpa Marketing reserves the right to require consents in writing.

Please note that from time to time we may work with third party service providers who are located within and/or outside of Canada and who may store their data outside of Canada.  Given their jurisdiction of operation, those service providers may be subject to laws that are very different from Canadian laws and Canadian privacy requirements.  We will use contractual or other means to protect personal information.  In disclosing such information, we will detail to you the countries outside Canada in which the collection, use, disclosure or storage is occurring or may occur and the purpose for which the service provider outside of Canada has been authorized to collect, use or disclose personal information for or on behalf of Sherpa Marketing. 

In working with service providers outside of Canada with respect to personal information, Sherpa Marketing shall: (i) notify you of the way in which you may obtain access to written information about the service provider's policies and practices; and (ii) the name or position name or title of a person who is able to answer on behalf of that service provider organization your questions about collect, use, disclosure, or storage of personal information.

Should Sherpa Marketing use the services of third parties for processing, we will use contractual and other means to bind those third party processors to comparable privacy obligations in order to protect personal information while it is being processed.


Sherpa Marketing's website may contain links to third party websites.  Sherpa Marketing is not responsible for third party website content and links do not constitute an endorsement of that third party by Sherpa Marketing.  When visiting any third party website, users should review such website's terms of use and privacy terms.  Any use of third party websites is at the user's sole risk.

How does Sherpa Marketing administer and protect personal information?

Sherpa Marketing takes its privacy obligations very seriously.  We treat personal information as confidential information and have in place physical, organizational and technological safeguards to help protect your personal information, including from such things as loss, theft, unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or modification.  All Sherpa Marketing employees are subject to confidentiality obligations that help to protect personal information and employees are granted access to personal information only on a need-to-know basis to carry out their employment duties.

Sherpa Marketing will take steps to ensure that personal information is accurate, complete and up-to-date as is necessary for the purposes for which it is to be used.

Sherpa Marketing has designated a privacy officer who is tasked with ensuring our compliance with applicable privacy laws.

Does Sherpa Marketing have a breach notification policy?

In accordance with Canadian privacy law requirements, in the unlikely event of a security breach that creates a real risk of significant harm to an individual, Sherpa Marketing will notify the Privacy Commissioner of Canada or such other commissioner as appropriate under applicable privacy laws and all affected individuals in writing as soon as feasible should a breach be determined to have occurred.  We will make sure that we clearly outline any relevant details so that steps can be taken to minimize any such risk or harm.

Can I get access to my personal information held by Sherpa Marketing?

Generally yes and to get access you must detail your request in writing to Sherpa Marketing.  In administering and responding to any such request for access, Sherpa Marketing will comply with the applicable privacy laws that regulate access requests and will notify you in writing of our response. This will include a need to confirm identity.

There are circumstances where Sherpa Marketing will be restricted from providing personal information, such as where your personal information is combined with other third party personal information and cannot be reasonably severed or where disclosure is not appropriate at law.  If we cannot provide you with your personal information, we will detail our reasons in writing.

Can I change or correct my personal information? Can I change or withdraw my consent?

It is important that the personal information you provide to us is correct and accurate.  Please notify us in writing of any request to change or correct personal information and we will administer and respond to that request in accordance with our privacy obligations.

You may change or withdraw your consent to use your personal information, subject to legal or contractual restrictions.  On receipt of notice of a change or withdrawal of consent, Sherpa Marketing will inform you of the likely consequences of withdrawing or changing your consent.

How do I ask a question, raise an issue, make a complaint or get more information concerning Sherpa Marketing's privacy practices?

Please contact our privacy officer at:
Sherpa Marketing
108 -1479 Buffalo Place
Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3T 1L7
Attention: Privacy Officer

or via email at:

Changes to this Privacy Statement

Sherpa Marketing reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Statement and its privacy practices.  Should we make any changes, we will post an updated Privacy Statement on our website.  Your continued use of our website constitutes your acceptance of this Privacy Statement and any update we may make.  We encourage all users to review this Privacy Statement, including for any updates, on a regular basis.