Website Design & UI Prota Clinic Website
Project Description Prota Clinic is a private healthcare centre with a focus on preventative care. Their patients are interested in care that is a tier above what’s available through the public system, and our job was to spread the word about their facility by appealing to those prospects. To do this effectively, it was critical that Prota Clinic have an effective website that aligned with their branding and the brochures we produced for them.

We wanted the look for Prota Clinic to be different from what you’d expect from a healthcare facility, and stray from the harsh, sterile look. Instead, the website looks vibrant and fresh, focusing on imagery of people living healthy, active lifestyles.

The average patient at Prota Clinic is in mid-life or later, and we wanted to be cognizant of their needs. The website was designed to be highly accessible so that users could find the information easily. Keeping the audience top-of-mind guided the development of this project, and the result was a strong and cohesive marketing mix.