How does the Heat Assault technology work? The required air temperature, or “kill zone” temperature needed to eliminate bed bugs and bed bug eggs is 125°F (52°C).

By using forced convection technology that includes two powerful continuous loop systems that run on either bio-diesel or diesel fuel, H.A. produces temperatures of 145°F or higher in record time ensuring the death of all bed bugs and bed bug eggs in just a few seconds.

The Heat Assault unit is the perfect solution for a variety of different industries including pest control operators, property managers, housing authorities, as well as entrepreneurs.


When asked about the new site, Sherpa’s President, Marty Fisher had the following to say:

When we started working on the Tamarack business, it was clear to us that they had invented and manufactured a premium, effective and reliable machine that was the best in the pest control industry at eradicating bed bugs. The Heat Assault machine uses heat instead of harmful chemicals to kill insect pests.

Our goal was to position the company and its equipment as the most sought after solution for a 100% effective treatment – the first time every time. Equally important, because there are no harmful chemicals, it’s child and pet friendly. By focusing on the premium nature of the product and the great outcome it provides, we decided to elevate the brand to give it a high-end look and feel – to find a balance between the seriousness of the problem it treats and the temptation to put a campy retail looking website together.

The outcome is some of our best work. The website is 100% custom designed and programmed, features a brilliant responsive design, communicates all the important features of the equipment, integrates beautifully with our SEO and SEM campaigns… all while being connected to Tamarack’s internal CRM system.

Heat Assault’s new website is the product of Sherpa’s dogmatic approach to deliver highly measurable, technology driven marketing solutions that create positive results for our clients. The modern technology behind Heat Assault unit combined with the innovation of their new website is a sure recipe for success.

For more information on Heat Assault’s technology, or just to get a glimpse of a beautiful website design, visit

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Website Design & UI Heat Assault Website
Project Description The Sherpa team is elated to announce the launch of Heat Assault's website. Heat Assault, a division of Tamarack Industries, manufactures an innovative and environmentally safe bed bug heating unit.